Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I am addicted

or something of the like. with this, long awaited, album.

don't waste time. just buy it. it will not disappoint.

a little story.
while in MO vernon and i went to a beloved coffee shop to spend time reading our Bible and writing. while reading, the music kept distracting me. About every 2 mins i would tap on vernon's shoulder and say "hey babe, this sounds like robbie seay," followed by a nod from him as if he didnt understand the big deal and i would say, "but i ve never heard this song and i am certain that i have EVERY song of his that has been recorded." He would nod again and continue reading. I would try hard to focus and then yet another unknown song would come on, i would listen to see if it could possibly be any one other than RSB and then have the aforementioned conversation. After about three rounds of this vernon said, "why dont you just go ask." "What a brilliant Idea," i thought. So i got up and found the nearest worker. She went to the back and confirmed it to be the RSB. only that news was followed by, "it comes out August 28th." mixed with emotions i thought, "i am so glad it was RBS but Aug 28 that is 14 more days!" followed by the thought, "i know many a person who could possibly get there hands on an early copy for me" to which my conscience responded, "no amber, be a good fan, wait and be the first to buy." so that is what i did. and God rewarded my waiting. I got it for 7.99 on itunes for getting it so quickly and i got an extra, only on itunes, track with Shane & Shane. So, moral of the story is DONT WAIT ANY LONGER JUST GO BUY IT.


Shelly said...

OHH! I've never heard any of this (am I that uncool? :( lol). I'm going to check it out later tonight! Thanks for the shout-out

the {{screaming *penguin}} said...

Hhhmm, i just listened to em on www.purevolume./ronnieseayband and i like the sound, but they're too cheap to put complete songs on there. curses! and it's all from their old cd. muffin.

The Granniss Family said...

I like Robbie Seay and Shane and Shane!!!
A free song too? Great job Amber! I am so proud of you! God blessed your patience and you know I am excited for you if it included something free (even without a coupon!).

Kendra M. said...

bought it....thanks!

Noemi said...

This is perfect for gift giving! Oh, I can't wait to give it away!!