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B is for Brown Bear and other ramblings of B

Hey yall! I hope the last two posts have been helpful for some of you. I have heard from many of you (although not via comments on the blog) that these posts have gotten your wheels turning and I am so glad! I personally never imagined I would actually ENJOY teaching pre-k and elementary school! ha! Its awesome what the Lord does in your heart when He is asking you to do something.

Week one went MUCH smoother than week 2. Justus was very into the letter A, the new routine and special attention but when it lasted beyond a week he was over it. So, I had to step up my game :) At this point in his life, I really want him to learn through play so remember these things I post only take about 10-20 minutes max and as you can see we only do a handful of things each week. I do however try to pull to the front or reintroduce him to his toys & and books that go along with the weekly least that's what I've done so far seeings as though its only week 2! Ha!

Like I have mentioned in previous, posts our Bible/Theology lessons this semester are all about "God is Faithful; You can be/have____" This week our 'B' Bible Verse was "Behold, I am making all things new." Revelation 21:5 So our "God is Faithful" saying was "God is Faithful. You can have HOPE!"
We did a few art project based on God making all things new. We talked a lot about the New Earth and God redeeming all things. I must say, it was a fun week. We collected things out side that had died and painted them like we thought they might be on the new earth. I had Titus do his writing lesson on this making complete sent
ences about the things he painted. (A fun side note is :: without planning ahead, Titus' history curriculum covered the exile of John to the Island of Patmus during the persecution of the Jew by the Romans. It was so fun to see Titus know the story and understand when the verse he was learning was written! fun!)

Justus painted leaves and a rock::
We started Operation World this week. In the mornings when the boys wake and I am finishing up breakfast, they sit at the table and 'read' their Bibles. Justus just looks at the pictures in his and Titus reads his out loud to all of us. We do this with their Jesus Story Book Bibles. Then we go the computer and look up the country Operation World has highlighted for the day. We talk about the statistics of the country, find it on the map and pray for the people there. Titus likes this a lot...Justus...well, he is extremely non-verbal so its hard to say if he likes it or not...he just takes it all in.

I still haven't posted about the curriculum we use for Titus for all the other subjects, I really hope to get around to that soon.

So here are some of the things we did with Justus for the letter B::

We read lots of B books like Brown Bear & The B Book::
We made the letter B into a bear and into a butterfly:: these animal letters have turned out to be Justus' favorite thing so we are going to try to do a couple each letter. I let him cut on some of these as you can tell on the eyes and mouth of the butterfly :)

We did more of the homemade B worksheets. We colored in Blue and we glued Buttons on a different day. We also did more letter stamping with B.
And no day is complete to Justus with out a little playdough so we did Blue playdough::

On the first blog I realized I forgot to tell about a few things that get LOTS of use around here during the day. The Tag Junior Reader. We LOVE this thing. It reads books to Justus and he loves doing this by himself. It makes him feel like he is reading.
And lastly....$.50 stickers. These have come in so handy. Each day I put a sticker of the letter we are focusing on on each of his hands. He loves it. Then he wants to put some on mine, so if you see me this week and I have a letter sticker on my will know why :)

A friend of ours is doing preschool with her son while her kiddos go to Classical School two days a week and they homeschool the others. We got to meet them at Cabella's for a "field trip" to see the animals. Justus had a blast finding Brown Bears, Black Bears and Polar Bears. He found Bass, Beavers, Bucks and Bison. It was so fun. I highly recommend it if you have little ones and live near a Cabella's or a Bass Pro.

Well, that was longer than I meant it to be...sorry. But I hope it helped y'all! It was fun for me to journal it. Thanks for stopping by!

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Margaret said...

Thanks for posting! This DOES get my wheels spinning. We're homeschooling Ezekiel this year (using Classical Conversations) and Judah (our 3 year old with a speech delay as well) - and those little bros can make things interesting!