Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Worth the Buy

This series came out on a web show , Jelly Telly, you could subscribe to and watch online last year. We LOVED watching it and benefited from all that the site offered. It is full of FUN, Church History and Bible Teaching. They take terms like substitutionary atonement, Salvation and Redemption and explain them in terms and with examples that kids of all ages can grasp. It has been such a fun addition to what we are trying to teach our boys! It takes questions like, "where did we get the books of the Bible and Why not others?" and, "How did Christianity spread?" and make them into an easy to listen to, fun church history lesson. Both parents and children will love watching it! I hope you stop by your local Christian book store and get a couple DVD's or order them HERE. You can also subscribe to the website, Jelly Telly. ENJOY!

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thehirschgang said...

Thanks for sharing this! SO going to get them. Being in the middle of MO- out in the middle of nowhere- we don't know of the stuff right away. Thankfully, we have people like you who will share it! :)