Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Mommies Delight and A Photographers Demise:: The iPhone Camera

Since I got an iPhone in the fall, I ALWAYS forget my camera. I use to not go anywhere without "the Beast" my DsLR Canon Rebel. Now, since the iPhone offers a variety of photo apps and can put them online via twitter and FB as soon as it is taken, I have slacked on capturing good, memory book quality photos for the last 9 months. This makes life alot easier for me as a mom because I can just whip out the ol' phone and voila!, a decent picture instantly sent to the world wide web. BUT it has been to my demise as a photographer. My blog has lacked in quality pics as well as my sons photo books. Y'all, I am not talking everyday life events, I am talking once in a life time events that warrant the use of a good camera, like V turning 30, Moving to a new state, T loosing his first teeth and my bro getting married! So I thought I would catch you all up on what the ol' Canon has missed and the iPhone has captured::

Our last night in Fort Worth::

We Moved to Missouri::

Titus' first day at his new school::
My brother got married::

Titus' first "Snow Day" NO SCHOOL!!

Two Switchfoot Concerts

Road trip with Danielle and Mikail to Chicago for Edens Bday

Vernon turned 30 so we went to Portland to Powel's Books!


Titus lost his two bottom teeth!

A trip to SBU to lead worship with the guys.
Such a sweet time in Bolivar, great memories.

I've gotten to make some fun gifts for friends and children around the world.

Thank you iPhone for coming through for this Mom. Canon, get ready for your come back.


the broomes said...

Hey Amber:)
I would say that even your iphone pics are pretty impressive-- you are such a gifted photograhper. Wow, I bet that was such a blast to go back to SBU and minister there. I love that place. How's the adjustment been to St. Louie? We will be there in two weeks- Becca is getting married, but it will be a very quick trip. I hope to make it for a longer visit sometime over the summer- maybe we could get together...that would be so fun to catch up and let our boys (and ab) play!:) Love you, girl!

Maureen said...

Good pictures nonetheless. Did you guys buy "Long Walk to Freedom?" I read that a few years ago and Nelson Mandela has been my hero ever since...good luck though, it's a long one. Toby just finished it and he calls it "Long Book to Freedom." ha!

rtfgvb768 said...
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