Thursday, April 01, 2010

To Buy Some Time

This is my lame attempt to buy some time on some blog posts that are stirring in my head but have not landed on the screen of the ol' macbook pro.

My monthly reading this year has looked like this::

This Jan-April Reading. I am 68 pgs into Dug Down Deep and May will be this:

No plans after that...what are you reading...I would love to add some to my years list!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading "Womanly Dominion" by Chanski. So far it's good... I got the recommendation off the girltalk blog I think, so there might be review on there about it.

Janet said...

1) "NO - That's NOT in the Bible" - by David O. Dykes - good read about stuff like "He helps them who helps themselves"
2) "Sedona Schnebly" - little booklet about the woman who the city of Sedona, AZ was named after. I was curious as the town's heritage, when I looked at the town's official tourism guide and it listed two churches and 22 psychics.
3) The Dollar Meltdown - by Charles Goyette - read through the lense of knowing that God is not looking down thinking "Oh, my, what are the Americans going to do?"
4) Complete Digital Photography - 5th Edition.

There you go! Love you guys!