Thursday, May 14, 2009

What A Week!

A couple posts back I listed through our schedule. We planned 3 to 5 days between trips over the summer to have some normalcy and time to unwind, do laundry and repack. Well this week we thought we had Saturday through Wednesday to do said things...instead here his what went down.

Saturday: Allison's Graduation and Graduation party- lots of fun!
Sunday: Leave for church around 6:50am, get home from church around 1:30, naps and laundry.
Monday: Vernon goes to our Acupresure/puncture Doc in Dallas. He was having terrible leg pains. We decide from there to take him to the ER to rule out blood clots (he has a factor V mutation in his DNA that predisposes him to blood clots and with all of our travel, we had to find out) After the entire day at the blood clots...AMEN! except he is still in a lot of leg pain. Later that evening we got the call that Vernon's Grandma had passed away. It was very sad news.
Tuesday: Vernon got up and went to work. The boys, Allison and I went to Dr. Park (our acupressure/puncture doc) in Dallas. He is helping me so that I can potentially get off my thyroid medicine or atleast have a lower dose! This was my first experience with full on acupressure and acupuncture. I have done lots of reflexology and such...but needless to say this was WAY better. I was so out of it the rest of the day. I was so relaxed and felt amazing.
Wednesday: Titus went to school for a bit then we left for the airport. Titus and Vernon headed to St. Louis. They will be going to Chet's graduation in Louisville then to his Grandmother's funeral. This is the longest I have been away from Titus since I went to Sudan w/o him when he was 10 months! After the airport I came home and got SO MUCH done around the house...its amazing what you can get done with only one
Today: The morning was full of shopping for Justus' birthday party next week. Then back to Dr. Parks. Then a trip to Whole Foods for lunch and dessert!

That brings us to now. I am about to finish up the laundry and prepare for my trip to Houston! Janelle, Ella and I will be heading out tomorrow afternoon! I will drop Janelle and Ella off at Amanda's then drive on to Amy's! I am so excited about this weekend and the Oxygen Event at HFBC. It is going to be awesome.

Hope you had a great week!


Anonymous said...
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Chris and Anna said...

Sounds like things are busy my friend!! So sorry to hear about his grandomther passing away...we will be praying. Glad to hear that Vernon is alright...and I am a big fan of accupunture as well :) YOur prayers and encouragement on behalf of our boys means so much...Thank you my friend.