Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Thoughts on Mother's Day

I have had a lovely Mother's Day. Church, Red Robin, a long nap (both boys slept at the same time!) and then ended the day with a little Marble Slab. I have received a plethora of cards and homemade things from Titus this year. I even wore a bracelet he made me out of sparkly pipe-cleaners this morning to lead worship at church...he was so proud.

I spoke briefly to my mom today and was once again reminded of how amazing she is. My mother is wonderful. She is a hero to me. Widowed with 3 children under the age of 9, my mom has taught me the meaning of perserverence. She loves deeply, encourages strongly and serves tremendously. She is steadfast. She taught me how to be creative. She taught me how to be frugal. She taught me how to cook, clean, sew and crochet. (although I will never be as good as her!) The list could go on and on. I am blessed to call her mom.

While I am so blessed, the entire day my heart has been heavy for those who are hurting on Mother's Day. I have many friends who have lost children even this year. I have friends battling infertility. I also have friends who experienced their first Mother's Day with out their mother. Loss is a deep wound. Grief is a cycle. Its hard to understand why and how God gives and takes away.

Today in Church, Jason, our college pastor preached. Our church is going through the book of James verse by verse and this was the first Sunday. He was in charge of James 1:2-4.

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, 3for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. 4And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

I found it ironic that on Mother's Day, Jason would be preaching over these verses. You see, less than a year ago, Jason lost his mother in a very traumatic accident. The family was horseback riding through a mountain pass. His mother fell off her horse into a strong and freezing cold current of water. Both Jason and Jason's father tried to pull her from the water but the current was to strong, her body was too wet and they watched as she struggled to her death.
Now THIS is an example of "Testing of your faith." In that moment Jason had to decide if he was going to believe that God had All things in control. He had to hold to the knowledge that God had numbered his mother's days. He had to believe in the face of this tragedy that God was good and in some way He would work this out for the good. At this moment his faith was tested. He had to choose to believe that God's Word was Truth.

Jason did NOT share the story of his mother's death this morning, but those of us who know what he has gone through this last year know that Jason not only preaches James 1:1-4 but believes James 1:1-4. His faith was tested by a trial and has produced in him steadfastness.

To all the mothers and daughters that are reading today that have had a hard day, you are loved. You have been thought of and prayed for. I am sure there were times today that the wounds of loss were so deep and piercing that it was hard to see the light of Truth and steadfastness seamed a distant dream. I pray that the God of ALL comfort bless you and give you peace. amen.


Kristina said...
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Janelle and Ella said...

I was SO proud of Jason! I think I cried through half of his sermon thinking about what he has been through. He did an amazing job!! It was definitely an encouragement to all of us. I'm so glad you wrote about it.

Kristina said...

Amen. I was thinking of Jason a lot during the service and was amazed. God is so good and so faithful and He delivered a special message through Jason. Only God.

Melissa said...

I love this girl! You are too sweet! I love that you are so thoughtful and I appreciate your heart! Miss you like crazy! So sad I'm not joining this weekend!

Mrs. Haid said...

Thanks for your post. I had a really crappy M's day, even though I am 30 weeks preg now, I have had miscarriages and am always plagued by worry that this baby will go, too. Its nice to know that people are sensetive of the hurts of others. I appreciate you raising awareness of this issue and sharing about the message from your church.

Ang baylis said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts about Mother's Day. I'm still reading through the comments on Beth Moore's post from that day. I wanted to sift through them slowly. I have a mom that tried her best, but had 7 children in 10 years, (and she lost her mom at 12 years old) so it wasn't the greatest childhood. Oh well, I love hearing stories about others that were better. Thanks for sharing James 1:2-4. I'll keep Jason in my prayers!
Angie xoxo