Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am the Second Man Now

I am sitting here listening to my beloved Switchfoot playlist. Its full of my fav Switchfoot songs...its amazing. Totally my love language. I am excited about its growth come fall with their new album. But all that is beside the point. Except that the song that is playing now is 24. The lyrics took me back to this last weekend and all the Lord did in my heart.

"I am not who I thought I was 24 hours ago...You are raising the dead in me, I am the second man now."

I went to Houston this past weekend to lead worship for an event for single women. It was so precious and dear to my heart because I spent so much time as a single women in that very church and in particular the very room we used was the room in which I spent many a day hearing the Word of God taught. I can't imagine my life now if it wasn't for those days, for those times of nearness with the Lord. Feeling very nostalgic as I always do when I go to Houston, I woke up early Saturday morning and took a drive. I went to Uptown Park Starbucks where I use to work and was a 'getaway' place for me. The Lord did so much in my heart there. Just pulling up I was moved by His nearness to me. Then I drove down Silber and pulled into the Mission parking lot. Did a u-turn and headed to HFBC where I sat in the parking lot and bawled like a baby. During the drive I turned on KSBJ (God Listens :)). The songs that came on were as if God planned the playlist for me. I was moved by His faithfulness. His faithfulness to change me. I kept noticing along the drive how many things had change. In my heart I knew that was a word for me. I began to think back at who I was then and by the grace of God, I hardly know that person. He has refined me, changed me, moved me and humbled me over and over. He has so faithfully taught me time and time again. I love that the Lord changes us. Yes and Amen.

The majoirty of my time in H-town was spent with two of my all time BFF's Amy and Allison. I can not tell you how much this was water to my weary soul. Just sitting with them encourages me. They have seen me change from that young single girl to this old mother of two and have loved me at every stage. Friends like these are priceless. I don't tell you two enough how thankful I am for you. I love you both dearly.

Leading up to the weekend I prayed that this person:

would come out. I really didn't know if that was possible. It's been years since I had the chance to lead in this capacity. I was thankful that the Lord does not need talent or precision to be worshiped and praised. He is so Faithful. Amen.

One of my favorite parts of life right now is watching my sweet friends become moms. I am not sure why, but it brings me overwhelming JOY to watch as the Lord blesses them and teaches them how to mother their sweet children. With this said a blessing that I received while in Houston was seeing Becky and Laurel. I love that little Laurel. She is so precious...seriously love her! And seeing Becky is always a joy. Then I got the privilege of going to the parent commitment (baby dedication) of little Judah Altic, Annabeth Jones and The Smith Kids. I was nearly crying the majority of the ceremony. I kept remembering back to 2000 and random memories of SBU. It was surreal really. I was taken by the graciousness of our God to be so giving to my sweet friends. They have wonderful marriages, ministries and families. Kay, Amanda and Star, you guys are amazing mommies. Your children are blessed to have you as their mother. Thank you Lord for your kindness to my sweet friends.

Last but not least, I LOVED spending time with Janelle on the ride down and back. Janelle, your friendship is so dear to me. Thanks for pulling us in and making us feel a part of things here. Thanks for always being honest, sharing your heart and always being up for fun! You are a blessing to me.

Change. Old being made new. Faithfulness. Thankfulness. Beautiful.

This is the song I've been singing Him since my return:


thehirschgang said...

amen girl! more of Him...less of me! isn't it amazing how he morphs us?! I am so grateful too...and think often back to the days at HFBC and the mission that He used to change me and truly make my heart His. It is there that He truly became my Treasure. And my entire life changed. God is good! Praising Him with you! :)

Harris Family said...

What a beautiful post, Amber. I really appreciate your heart. Reading this spurs me on in truth!! Your desire for Jesus is beautiful...

Every season brings a new reason to worship!!

The Dodds said...

Phil Wickam is one of our favorites... that song is amazing!! You have encouraged me today!!