Friday, October 03, 2008

You know you are Nerds when:

1) For your fifth year anniversary you go to a Desiring God Conference. (or for every anniversary for that matter)

if you have a chance, click above to listen!

2) There is a running count down in your home for the release of the ESV Study Bible.
(we have had it pre-ordered since april. . .hehe)


D and D said...

I thought this post was hilarious...probably because it hit so close to home. Dave's secret addiction is staring at the pictures of the ESV Study Bible online (I think he drools too- ha). We also have had it pre-ordered for a while and Dave ALSO has a countdown.

thehirschgang said...

if these two things make you a nerd, then we are nerds too. :) We haven't been able to go to the last few years of the DG conferences, due to babies and such, but I would SO do that for our anniversary...and we have been waiting eagerly for the ESV study bible too. :)