Friday, October 24, 2008

Justus Five Months
I was going to title this post Rolling and Screaming and Teeth Oh My! because that would sum up the last month of Justus' life. He started rolling just after his four month birthday. He found his "outside voice" soon there after and he is a fountain of drool at all times because he is getting 3 teeth at once! At his four month appointment he weighed in at 17lbs 4 oz and 27 inches long...and he has grown since then for guess is he is 18lbs!
We just got back from a 12 day trip to Missouri where Justus got to meet aunts, uncles and cousins on my side for the first time. He was an amazing little car rider, as was Titus, and that made for a delightful trip. (post on that to come)
We love our little man. He is such a joy. He laughs all the time. His scream is for happiness and sadness so it is often hard to tell if he is upset or just making funny! His favorite things are: his big brother, when Titus comes in the room he smiles really big, his new frog toy from nanny, milk....anyway it comes. He still loves to be all swaddled up. Pretty much as soon as you swaddle him, he is out. He is a great sleeper, although he got in a bit of a bad habit of waking up to eat in the night on our we will be breaking that soon...hopefully.


Anonymous said...

WHAT A DOLL!!!!!!I'd love to sqeeeeeze him & Titus, too.
Love, Grandma

Smith Family said...

Oh Amber... he is such a little cuttie! How do you ever manage with two hunks on your arm at once? :) Know really you have two pretty special boys. We love and miss you guys.

Phyllis said...

I keep thinking that you need to add a photo of Justus to your side bar... sometime before his first birthday anyway! :)

The Fam said...

Amber- I found your blog through abother friend and I must say I am very encouraged by your heart for the Lord. Mostly, I feel encouraged by the way your life truly reflects what you believe to be true about God. I feel as though you are someone I would be best buds with if we lived in the same city. Anywho- all that to say I am struggling to live out everything I say I believe and your blog has been a great blessing to read.