Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Northwest Missouri Tour

We had a great trip to Missouri. We spent 12 days in MO visiting family and visiting churches in order to raise awareness and funds for the His Voice for Sudan Orphanages. It was a GREAT trip. The Lord did some incredible thing through churches we visited. We had a blast seeing family, visiting friends and meeting new people.
When we come to MO each fall, my mom gets all my family together to have a big party. This year the theme was "safari." I grew up close to most of my cousins and we are all close in age. So our children now are all close in age so it makes for ALOT of fun getting together. My Grandma is the best party thrower. It is always so much fun for the children. Each kid got assigned an animal and all for their party favors went along with that animal. She even brought a LION PINATA! So fun! This time with the fam was a definite highlight, here are some others:
* Seeing Sarah and Andrew and meeting there Awesome youth!
* John Summit suprising us in Liberty. (and talking to Steve Pullen on the phone!)
* Vernon's first four-wheeler ride! (the pastor from FBC Stanberry took Vernon out for a day to experience rural life...a new experience for a city boy!)
* Going to my nephew walkers academic bowl meet.
* Going to watch my nephews play football.
* King City's homecoming- the first King City football game I have gone too since I crowned the queen who came after me NINE years ago.
* Seeing "the girls" at the KC game. Jo, Dana, Janeen and April...i do love you girls!
* Seeing by Bro and Sis.
* Staying with Danny and Malory. (and taking her prego pics...she is so cute!)
* Seeing my childhood BFF, Danielle, and her family!
* Staying with the Kearns'
* Meeting the people of Stonebridge.
* Seeing Ang and Jeff and watching Micah walk!!!! (he can not possibly be old enough to walk!)
----i am sure there are more highlights...but for now....Missouri friends and family ... We love you and miss you!
Here are some pics of the party:

My nephew Sawyer at the party.

Titus taking a swing at the Pinata.

The kids collecting the candy from the pinata.

Nicholas..he is so cute!

My bro and sis playing with Justus.


Andrea Bowman said...

i still can't believe your nephews are old enough to play football

Anonymous said...

it was so good to FINALLY see you again! and I'm also glad that you got to come vist our church and excited to see how we will partner with His Voice, good times, good times...:)

Danielle Nicole said...

I am glad y'all had such a great time in MO....but are y'all back yet?? I miss you!