Monday, June 16, 2008

The Vern's Return and other Randomness

Vernon made it back safe from Sudan. Praise God!
The day he was leaving Sudan I opened up my laptop to check the news. My Aunt Martha, whose husband was also in Sudan, was sitting next to me. We opened Fox news and in big headline letters we read, "Plane crash out of Sudan." Stunned, we looked at each other, took a deep breath and I clicked open the article. We soon found out that the plane was flying from Syria to Northern Sudan. We were relieved that this was not the plane our husbands were to board that day, but I couldn't get it out of my mind the next two days. Knowing the places this plane had been and where this plane was to land, it is very likely that the majority of the people on this flight were practicing Muslims. I began to pray for the Muslims in Northern Sudan to hear the Gospel and be bold enough to believe in the midst of persecution. May the Lord show Himself in dreams, visions and through missionaries to the people of Northern Sudan!

Life since The Vern's return has been busy (hence the lack of posting). Vernon had a bit of sickness, but is doing great now. He came back with the plan of action for His Voice for Sudan and how we would fit in to the vision of EPC (the church we work with in Sudan) for the next year. So as soon as he was well enough, we hit the ground running. Planning and implementing, emailing and calling, and praying ALOT.

Titus is loving summer. He is writing most of his letters and on the verge of reading small words. He is beginning to sound out things...its so fun! He still loves art. He would paint and draw all day if we let him. Yesterday he came to us with a painting that was blue with yellow spots and said, "this is starry night." He thinks he is VanGogh apparently.

Justus is almost 4 weeks old. What? how did that happen! He is eating and sleeping really well. We are so grateful. He is beginning to Coo and Ahh and we love it.

Father's day was good, although I totally bombed this year. Vernon's father's day gift is still sitting at Walgreen's! (and needs to be framed) We went to Andrea and Eric's new house on Saturday night and then went to the Village. It was spectacular as always. Andrea's new house is so great...she even has a red kitchen! LOVE IT! Sunday we went to our church and then to Fuddruckers. That was then extent of our Father's day extravaganza.

That is plenty for to come soon!


Anonymous said...

I know. A wonderful mothering mentor told me when Honor started talking to make a journal of nothing but her funny sayings. Oh, it is the best entertainment.

Amanda said...

What service were you at on Sat? I was at the 5 o' clock for the first time in a LONG time!

Andrea Bowman said...

i'm glad you came over! there are now 3 houses on our street for should move. love you!

Amanda said...

Girl, I saw that article on that very day and my heart dropped. When I read it I remembered that Vernon doesn't fly out of Sudan in a great big plane, so I stopped freaking out. I'm so glad he was okay and that he is back safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

The day that the plane crashed in Khartoum I was walking through an x-ray room(ER) to say hi to some friends and they were gently asking questions about Vernon Mike and when was he coming home. Nobody wanted to give me any bad news. When they said "Khartoum" I said with confidence that He's in "southern" Sudan. I knew he and the guys were in God's protecting hands. It took a little bit to process what the girls' asked but with confidence I KNEW God was protecting them. When Vernon Mike went on his 1st mission trip to Haiti--I WAS A MESS!!!
As the trips continue, my faith & trust in the Almighty has grown. To see Vernon Mike and his wonderful wife "listening" to their "calling"--how can I argue?
After working in a hospital for so many decades I've seen MANY people die and/or have their lives altered in a split second. I would be CRUSHED if something happened to any of my kids/includes Chet & Amber & grandchildren. My Dad was 52 when he died and "big Vern" was 53 and Amber was 6 when her Dad died. I've learned we must always be ready to "go home". When our "Father" says "time to come home" we're on our way.
What a joyful & comforting thought. I understand it's easy to say now and even though I'd be a mess, God would be with me. An absolutely REASSURING promise! It has brought HUGE joy to my heart to watch the "big" kids raise their own.
Big Vern & I realized at an early age our children are NOT ours. God LENDS them to us to take care
Today is Fri. and I was supposed to be back in St. Louis on last Mon. (got really sick in KY.).
On the way home I had alot of quiet time with God (listened to sermons). My heart is overflowing with gratitude and life is to be treasured! (gotta appreciate my "peace" now.
Thanks for listening! Think it's the longest I've written HA!!!
God's Blessings to all:)
Love, Mom/Steph/Birdie/Gwamma