Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Weeks and One More Week

Justus is Two Weeks Old today. I can hardly believe it. He is a great baby and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness. Titus is totally in love with his baby brother so far. He wants to take him and show him to everyone. He wants to hold him all the time and is constantly kissing on him. It is so great. We are praying this doesn't wear off! He keeps saying things like, "Look at my baby brother, he's cute isn't he" and "when baby Justus gets bigger we will be Best Friends!" or if when we are driving down the road, about every ten minutes Titus says, "the baby's doin' fine mom." Isn't that so funny!

Most of you know Vernon is in Sudan. We prayed hard that God would allow us to have Justus before he was scheduled to leave. God heard our pleas and let Vernon be here for Justus' first 10 days! AMEN. I had to take Vernon and my mom to the airport on the same day. It was pretty brutal but a good dose of reality... we now have 2 children...we travel back and forth to SUDAN...sometimes all of us, sometimes just family lives in Missouri...we live in Texas...reality check. I had a choice to make on the drive home, will I bask in my self pity and poor me's or Sing praise to the Lord for all that He is doing and all that he has Sudan, in my life, in my husbands lives and in our children. By God's grace I chose the latter. This time apart from Vernon has been different than any before... I mean, we have another child...but God's grace has poured out us and overflowed. To Him we are grateful!

One more week until Vernon returns, Lord willing. May the Name of our Lord be made known in Sudan. Thank you so much for all the prayers during the last week. Our family has been blessed by each of you who have interceded for us. Yall are wonderful. I will load up some pictures if/when i get a second!


Molly Kate said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!! It was great to see you at Paige's Wedding! You are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amber, we didn't realize that you lost your Mom's great help and Vernon's on the same day! Our prayers are sure with you as you wait out the time for your husband to be home. Robin has sure enjoyed his friendly face in Yei this week! love to you all, Sharon

Anonymous said...

How are things? Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I wonder if anyone but myself reads that thing.
I remember with each child after just a few short weeks thinking, "how were we ever a family without this one?"
I was meaning to ask you last week - what do you use for Titus in a quiet time? We have the Memory Bible by Stephen Elkins, but that is just music. I am looking for something for Honor to use specifically for quiet time, and don't know if I should just get the ESV on CD, or if there are some good Bible story CDs anyone uses. I've hit a bit of a brick wall finding any. Any ideas?

Mama Long said...


As I read your post you will never know how they minister to me and how I praise of Lord for giving Vernon such a helpmate!