Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Titus Plays Basketball

Today was Titus' first experience at being on a team....I can not believe he is old enough to be on a basketball team! I was the dorky mom taking pictures of practice!
He was not quite sure at first but the Coach was awesome and got them all in a line. Once they lined up she taught them all how to dribble and bounce pass, i could not believe these were both accomplished in one practice!And at the end they got to line up and do what they had all been wanting to do, dribble in and shoot....and Titus made a basket! He was SOO excited, and of course Vernon and I were too.He shoots, He scores!

***also an update on the SUDAN BLOG***


Phyllis said...

Way to go, Titus! You really had your mom and dad confused there for a while when they thought you weren't into sports at all. Was it possible that the ultimate athletes could have brought a child into the world who didn't like to play ball? I guess you've answered that question!

We miss you guys and wish Ladan could be playing too!

stephanie said...

HOW FUN!!!! As Great Grandma Zielke would say, "Titus, take a bow"!!!
I miss you all!
Love, Grandma

Mimi said...

Great wrist action!

Amanda said...

Is your kid seriously wearing a sweat band!!! Come on!