Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Three P's

I guess you could say this is sorta like a good ol' Southern Baptist Sermon -3 points all starting with the same letter and a dynamic story to draw it all together. (dr. holems would be proud, he was my preaching prof at SBU, yes, i took preaching)

Praise- Praise God, Vernon made it safely to Uganda. He is with Victor and a lot of doors have already opened for him to meet with Imams in the area! (Imams, the best i can describe them, are the Islamic equivalent to a Priest, they are the head of the Mosque and oversee all the leaders and pretty much their say goes.) We are so excited about this. During his last trip he built some great relationships with a lot of head Islamic leaders in Uganda.

For Vernon, Tomorrow, (so tonight around midnight) Vernon will be meeting with Muhammad, an Imam in Kampala. Pray for great conversations and Vernon would have many opportunities to present the Gospel and that Muhammad would understand.
For my Family in Missouri. They have been out of electricity for 24 hours and are not expected to have it back until the weekend. My brother has electricity but the roads to his house from my mom and sister's house is really hard to drive on in the ice. If they can all get to his house they will be great for the next couple of days. My sister has 3 boys and when i talked to her earlier, they were freezing in their house. They were all under blankets trying to stay warm.

These are just some recent photos...thanks to sarah barnes...alot more to come.

Last night my cousin Caroline came to stay with Titus and me. We had a great time. This morning after Titus woke, Titus and I were laying in my bed. Caroline came downstairs and jumped in bed with us. Titus looked up at her and said, "you know where my daddy is?" and she said, "where?" Titus replied, "oh, he is in Sudan teaching people about Jesus, isnt that cool?!" To which we both smiled and replied, "yah! that is awesome!"


HollyAnn said...

Praying for Vernon and for you! love th pictures! you look great!!! Looks like I may be going to Liberia in January to bring home our Toben! Will keep you updated! ;)Love, HollyAnn

The Self Cottage said...

Definitely praying for Him and for you and little T! Your pics are really awesome- ya'll are so J crew looking :) i love the funny story about T - is he being good since dad is gone?

The Sanders House said...

You are such a good southern baptist girl! The photos are fabulous!!!!

Janelle & Ella said...

So many things to comment on!
Praying for Vernon! He is our hero!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! Who is this girl? How can I get her to take pictures of my family?
Such a SWEET story of Titus and his daddy!!
Call me if you need some company. Ella would love to hang with Titus and me with you.

Doc Bombay said...

Yes!! I've been praying for V, and will continue to do so, girlee!! As for Titus: Respect. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh man I miss you guys! I just got on so I could catch up on all of your lives. Titus is getting cuter everyday! How is mom and the little one? That is awesome that Vernon is in Sudan for Christmas! We are doing good...great actually.
story-getting groceries at Sam's and Brenson is in the shopping cart asking me questions about God/Jesus. He asks me if it is true that Jesus lives in our hearts. I said that He only does if you ask Him to and that He does not love in some peoples b/c they don't want Him to. He asked me if He was in his heart. I said no not yet b/c you haven't asked Him to yet. He said "well then I need to pray!" (very concerned b/c He wasn't there already) So in the middle of the cereal isle at Sams, Brenson said "Jesus I want you to live in my heart forever." Then he looked at me and aksed, "mom, did i do it right?"
How awesome is that?! So now I thank God that He has called my whole family to be His children. I knew you would love to hear it!
robin moore

AS said...

I just want to let you know I like reading your blog. I found it on a link from the baby bangs blog, which is a link on my sister - in -laws blog. I noticed your name on the list of blogging friends because it is the same as my first name. HTen I came to your blog and saw that your son also has the same first name as my son! I'm thankful for the work that people like you and your husband do to promote God's word. I know the Lord will bless you in your work.

Anonymous said...

I have a boyfriend named Toby. He's leaving for a year (minimum) in Sudan with Samaritan's Purse next month. I'll go visit him this year sometime. He'll be based out of the Nuba mountains in Southern Kordofan.

The end.

Love you.