Monday, December 10, 2007

London Tonight, Uganda Tomorrow

Here I am again, thinking of something to write to tell about Vernon heading to Sudan, but i think i said it best last time....

"One would think that Vernon's departure to Sudan would get easier with time but i would say it gets harder. I mean logistically it gets easier because we keep everything he takes to Sudan washed and together so all it takes is putting them in Ziploc bags and putting them in a back pack. But emotionally it is always hard. I think it is because we are growing so much closer together day by day and we are both so involved in the ministry in Sudan, that when he goes we are overwhelmed with emotions that usually do not exist simultaneously. Excitement, Sadness, Fear and Joy to name a few.... The embrace at the airport always seems to be longer and deeper., neither wanting to let go but knowing the work in Sudan and furthering the Gospel is worth it."

So that said, it has be a very productive night, I have started a Christmas present/project that will take Vernon's entire to trip to Sudan and back to pull off....but I cant release any information just in case Vernon reads my blog while he is in Sudan. But if you want to help or want to know.....just call or email! But i will say involves building and organizing.

Please keep your eyes out for updates on the SUDAN BLOG. Vernon will try to post as much as possible. He will layover in London and then head to Uganda where he will visits the Mosque and some Islamic leaders. Please pray for favor.


stephanie said...

Thanks for the update & phone call. It helps to feel more connected. I think you are a very brave person!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystal said...

We will be praying for your love to have firm steps put before him as he walks this trip. We will ask for your thoughts to be taken captive before Satan can place any doubt of the mission you guys have placed on your lives!