Friday, November 02, 2007

Sudan Update

I just thought I would let yall know that we updated some video footage on our Sudan blog. Robin and Megan are back from Kenya where Isaac had his surgry. Isaac is back in Sudan and doing great! amen! Robin also went back to Sudan with Isaac and got to attend the opening celebration of Sunday School at the church in Yei. They have never had a children's ministry until now! Some of the Video are of the children enjoying their first Sunday School meeting! There are also photos (like this one) of the children working on and painting the building where they will be meeting! enjoy!

**we got word this week that a bad storm came through our Morobo Orphanage and damaged the orphanage building. No children or workers were hurt...amen! You can read more on the blog as well**


the broomes said...

hey mrs. amber!!!!
how are you?!!?? it is so good to hear from you...i've gotten occasional updates from fellow sbu-ers, but it's good to see some pics and read about what's going on with your family. titus is so adorable!!!

Andrea Bowman said...

yes...we should get together! we don't have much going on this week. We are free every night but tonight and Saturday night. Saturday we are going to Mute Math!!! you so have to go if they still have tickets! anyways...let me know when ya'll are free and we'll make it happen!

sorry i offended c. pat