Friday, November 30, 2007

Instructions for Ornaments

I have had a lot of inquiries on how i made the Jesus Tree ornaments. So here goes.
I used:

5 Gold Velum sheets
5 Silver Velum sheets
1 black sharpie
1 spool of gold, silver and maroon ribbon
I got them laminated at a teacher store down the road!
1 hole punch

I sat out to do 100 so i could give away some to family so we could all do them together so you will probably only need 1/4th of the materials above if you are just doing 25.

I first found several sources to pull from that listed names of Jesus and the References. Here are some 100 names for Jesus, 145 titles/offices of Jesus and Names of Jesus

Next I picked 100 that stuck out to me and wrote them on the velum (including the scripture reference) with the black sharpie in two columns nicely spaced. Once I was finished I cut each one in a rectangle according to its size. I took them and laminated them at the teacher store. Once laminated I cut them out, punched two holes in each one and threaded desired ribbon through to hang them. I tied two knots so the ribbon would stay and they were ready to be hung or given away!
Be Creative and if you make some a different way PLEASE PLEASE tell me I would love to hear!


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to make these.

Janelle & Ella said...

Thank you so much for the instructions because I am definitely adopting this tradition! You are amazing!