Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gaddis Family Extravaganza

Here are some pics from today at the Burger home. Thanksgiving was so great! ALL of my Gaddis cousins and aunts and uncles came. We had a great meal and LOTs of laughs. We were 22 in all. (my sis and bro, their fams and mom and dad were not able to come). We even had our very own in house concert. We played MANY rounds of catch phrase music edition. And shared lots of great stories. AND IT SNOWED...briefly but it did in fact move from sleet to snowflakes....who knew.
Picture #1: the Dessert Table, can you handle this 6 pies, 2 cakes, homemade Christmas candy, puppy chow, Christmas Crunch, apple snicker salad, lemon bars, oatmeal raspberry cookies and all kinds of other little snacks! AMAZING.

Picture #2 : the fam, minus some who left early.
Picture #3 : Rob and Ann Lowe, my sweet little cousins. They are like siblings to me. I love them dearly.
Picture #4: Rob Lowe of Balmorhea (we got our own little concert!)
Picture #5 : Micheal Muller of Balmorhea (seriously check them out buy there stuff)
So if you can check out Ann's Jewlery Design sight you will not be sad. And Micheal is also a photographer check out his stuff here. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

im pretending that I didnt read that it snowed in FT Worth when i wasnt there to enjoy. It just didnt happen...


kay muller said...

hi guys,

loved seeing the pictures and reading your blog.

we had a grand time in your home and celebrating our Thanksgiving day with your whole family.

thank you soooooo very much. your entire family is were so brave to do all that. hope you have recouperated......we love you, kay, mike & kyle

Andrea Bowman said...

you play musical catch phrase? we HAVE to play that!