Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sudan Bound...Again

Before i start this post about Vernon going to Sudan i better apologise for not having a recipe up on Monday. It was the day Vernon left and I was not about to give up some time to write a recipe. do forgive me. hehe.

Today is Wednesday and it is hard to believe that two days ago i was saying good-bye to the love of my life. One would think that Vernon's departure to Sudan would get easier with time but i would say it gets harder. I mean logistically it gets easier because we keep everything he takes to Sudan washed and together so all it takes is putting them in Ziploc bags and putting them in a back pack. But emotionally it is always hard. I think it is because we are growing so much closer together day by day and we are both so involved in the ministry in Sudan, that when he goes we are overwhelmed with emotions that usually do not exist simultaneously. Excitement, Sadness, Fear and Joy to name a few. There are statements people always say to me when Vernon is away or getting ready to leave.
"Well, i guess you're probably use to it by now, I bet it gets easier everytime" - to which i think (butdont normally respond) "Worth it, but not easy." The embrace at the airport always seems to be longer and deeper., neither wanting to let go but knowing the work in Sudan and furthering the Gospel is worth it.

So all that said, yes i cried, i always do. Yes, i took every moment of the last week, soaked it in and treasured it up in my heart. But i always wonder after i drive away from the airport...why dont i always embrace every moment?
So sisters, today look around your house, look into your children and your husbands eyes and treasure the moments you have.

I talked to Vernon, he made it to London fine. The meetings went great and very efficiently! Since they are so ahead on meetings they might get to go see Wicked which happens to be my very favorite musical. I am just sure Vernon will think of me the entire show...hehe!
Check out the Sudan blog, Vernon will be posting sometime tonight!!


Janelle & Ella said...

I'm so glad to hear the meetings all went well!! And that he has some freetime to do something so fun!
No way would I think it would get easier! I am just picturing your sweet embrace at the airport!

Anonymous said...

Burger... I LOVE YOU and miss you so! I hope time in beautiful MO is so refreshing and encouraging. Today I have been praying for Vern and Adam, but you and sweet titus stephen have been heavy on my heart. I am so very excited to hear of all of the adventures of the next little bit...and never ever forget you are the stinknin' coolest my friend!

Boundbrook Lane said...

Amber, we are totally thinking of you and Titus and praying for you.. . and Vernon and Adam, too. We love you guys and are believing HUGE things for this trip. God is good and faithful and PRESENT! Can't wait to see you. . . and next Monday's recipe! :)