Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home At Last

Well i feel as though i should update and let everyone know we all made it home! Thanks for your prayers while we were away and while Vernon was in Sudan. We made it to our church prayer meeting tonight and it was sweet reunion with friends...although i will add that i missed seeing all the sweet college students. As we pulled up to the church, we turned the corner to park and Titus said from the back seat, "Its MY church!" It made my heart so happy to hear him say this. During our trip we went to several churches of friends and family members, but he knew this one was different. Its his church. amen.

I leave on Sunday again. I am speaking at a high school camp...and i am sooooo excited. I will be teaching 3 morning sessions (one hour a day) to about 60 high school girls. We are focusing on John 15 and more specifically the word ABIDE. Get your thinking caps going, read up on that passage, because in the next day or two i will have an assignment up for all of you and you MUST comment me some feed back. yes, you must.

for a funny story about my nephews potty reading, visit Phyll's blog
to see some video footage from Vernons time in Sudan visit His Voice for Sudan or the blog


Janelle & Ella said...

I'm so sad I missed seeing you guys tonight at church!! I will look forward to a big hug on Saturday!

the {{screaming *penguin}} said...

Thnx for the comment. As for Worldview, they are held all over the country. The one I'll be going to is at a college in Columbia MO. The name is Worldview Academy.