Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Land of no Technology.

Just in case anyone wondered if I was alive...i am. I traveled to Missouri to see my mom and now on to see Vernon's family. I usually dont travel when Vernon is gone so that i can be available and easy to get a hold of. But this time i decide it would be fun to make the Missouri rounds. My family is from a very small town in rural northwest Missouri so even "hi-speed" Internet is an ordeal. I would get on long enough to check and see if Vernon had updated and that was about all i could handle! hehe! We had a GREAT time with my family. We went to three little league games to see my nephews play...so cute! Alot of the children on my nephew's team are children of my classmates and children of my cousins. So it was like this big reunion! haha! Everytime I come home my mom always throws an "amber's home party" where all my aunts uncles and cousins come and we have lots of fun. I love my family.
Now i am in St. Louis. Titus and I have been staying at Robyne's new house (vernon's step-mom) along with Phyllis (vernon's sister) and her two kids, Ladan (same age as titus) and Gabe (9 months). We have had so much fun! We have played and played outside, we had a party for the boys and we have gone to the zoo! The only down side is that Robyne just moved into the house so the Internet is not up yet! So, so much for me being easy to get a hold of! ha!

Hope you are doing great!


Janelle & Ella said...

I love the "Amber's Home Party"! That's so sweet!! Glad to hear you are having fun and keeping yourself busy while Vernon is gone.

Boundbrook Lane said...

Amber, we miss you!!! I'm so glad you and Titus are having a wonderful time with family. We're still praying for the Burgers at the Smith house!

the {{screaming *penguin}} said...

This is Zach Caddy from Mo, the kid who used to listen to old dcTalk stuff with you in the missions office back when I was like 10. Glad I found you....