Tuesday, May 31, 2011

:: Little League ::

Titus is in the middle of his first season of baseball (it is coach pitch unless you miss the first 3 pitches then they let you hit off the tee). He is loving it! For his first practice, we didn't know what his team name was yet so he wanted to wear his Cardinals gear.
(insert smile from all MO readers)

The next few pictures are from Titus' first game. Rest assured I am not posting pictures from all his games, I just was a little camera happy celebrating his first game :)

The Pirates::

Justus has a lot of fun playing in the dirt during the games

Vernon has been able to be an assistant coach and that has been so fun for Titus (and for Vern!)

Titus is last batter so he always gets to run all the bases. Of course this includes a slide into home EVERY time. Hilarious.

The Pirates after their first big game::

And lastly, I feel I must include this final photo to let all of you know he is indeed my child:: he does a this little cheer everytime he makes a good play. He's just so excited. HAHA!!


Danny Dyer said...

Observation #1 - As a Missourian, why was the default choice so obviously Cardinals and not Royals?

Observation #2 - Vernon is looking quite chiseled these days...you must have no complaints in that department.

Observation #3 - It looks like Titus initiated his homebase slide a bit early...I'm guessing there was a little bit of scooting required for him to make it to the actual plate.

Observation #4 - If I had a dollar for every time I've seen you spontaneously erupt into a weird cheer-pose, I'd be a wealthier man than I am now...Titus DEFINITELY has your genes and that last pic proves it.

Greg & Kim said...

Love the best T-ball player everrr!

And of course the first choice would be the Cardinals! Trying to desensitize the brainwashing of any Yankee business that might be happening in that home of his.

Love and miss you all,
Your Missourian Friends, The Vesties

Grandma said...

Seeing Justus playing in the dirt reminded me of VM & DJ @ Phyllis & Mandy's games. They used to help out & they played:) :) Fun times!