Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Aftermath

You may know that Hillsong United just released a new album entitled "Aftermath." This album has been more than fitting for us as we adjust to life back in Texas. We have the title song "Aftermath" on repeat in our house and our cars. "Lifted out of the wreckage I find hope in the aftermath" is the line my heart sings.

Our life in Missouri was great. The dearest of family and friends were just miles from our reach. We made amazing new friends that somehow now feel as close as family. The Lord gave us all we needed and more as we followed Him to Missouri. I look back at the last year and a half and the words that come to mind are:: refine, realign, refocus, brokeness, humility, redefine, rebuild. After the events of our move back to Texas, aftermath is a great word picture for us. Not that our life was destroyed in anyway physically but spiritually and emotionally our hearts were wrecked and redifined in a beautiful way over the last year.

I know the writers of the song Aftermath had the intentions of illustrating our lives apart from Christ and the wreck we make of ourselves as we seek our own life apart from He who gives life. They wanted, I am sure, to illustrate the hope of being pulled out, set apart for the cause of Christ and I would contend they did an amazing job of that both musically and lyrically.

After a long period of brokeness, humility, hardship, suffering or refining, do you ever feel like you are being pulled from the wreckage? The aftermath of what you just walked through is all around you, the sting of the wound, the stench of that which was peeled away? But in that aftermath, there is some how hope. Hope that you made it through alive and that it was worth it for some reason. Christ pulls you up, dusts you off and cleans your wounds so they can heal.

We are so elated to be back in Texas, a place we never thought we would live again. Its funny how the Lord excites your heart for things you never thought you would be excited about! We love it here more than EVER. We are adjusting to life in Fort Worth, our new Church and loving being close to our sweet friends.

I am a part of a women's Bible Study on Tuesday nights and I mentioned that I was thinking of not blogging anymore because I was pretty sure if I had readers they were not readers anymore because of my lack of posting. It came out that some of those ladies (whom I did not know until last month) actually read my blog! So they encouraged me not to stop. So here I am. In the aftermath. Stop by, I guess, and read as we wade through the beautiful wreckage.

with hope::


C:M:W said...

So glad you are back to blogging!!!!! XOXO

Molly Swanson said...

YES! Please keep blogging! You are such an encouragement! Glad you are back in the lone star state! Come visit! :)

Krissie said...

Thanks for the encouraging post, although I imagine where you've been and what you are referencing is different from where I've been and why your words and feelings are resonating with me right now, it's so nice to hear someone express feelings so similar to my own, especially someone who knows what it is to be in the thick of ministry.

The pulling out and healing is a slow process, slower than I'd like it to be truthfully. I think some of me is still in the shock of the wreckage. And wreckage is a good word for it. I needed a reminder of hope to come and God's ability to pull us out, or just that he is actively pulling us out.

I think I'll go listen to that song with some fresh ears.

Jamie said...

I love this friend. Love your heart. Love your family. Love what God is up to in your lives. And too love the amazing beauty of Christ in and through our broken lives. So thankful to do life with you..Missouri, Texas, anywhere! Love you.

amy said...

My friend Jamie was signed into google on my computer. That last post was from me. :)

a likens said...

So glad you are here. Thank you for coming by tonight. Looking forward to visiting more this semester.
- Angie B. Likens

BrentandMarianne said...

yes! we love your family and enjoy hearing about your life ! welcome back!

Boundbrooklane said...

Amber!!! I'm glad to hear you are back in Texas!!! We miss you guys and would love to see you!! Fill me in on what ya'll are doing when you get a sec.:) Love to all of the Burgers!!!

Karen said...

I just read this post for the first time today. I am so in this place. Amen! thanks for sharing!