Saturday, January 08, 2011


We are so excited. The Actions Speak Louder song just got made into a video. This video is powerful. It is full of images of our kiddos in Sudan and people who have served along side of us at His Voice Global.

As you watch this video, please keep in mind there that tomorrow is the Referendum Vote in Sudan. This is such a big moment in Sudanese History. Please take time to click through and learn more about it HERE. Pray with us for Peace in Sudan and for the Gospel to spread through the country. HERE is a great blog post on how to pray during this time.

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Anna @ Frye Fam Happenings said...

Amber, this is Anna Frye (with Justus and Titus :) ) It is so wonderful to see the passion God has placed in your heart for the Sudanese people. I love how the Lord uses people like you and Vernon to speak for people groups who don't have much of a voice here otherwise. I posted the link to the "How to Pray" blog post on my FB page. Praying!!!!