Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Take It

So yesterday I was reading the girltalk blog and was encouraged by one of my fav photographers/moms. She wrote about how much it helps just to ALWAYS have your camera. She talked about how instead of always saying "I wish I had my camera" actually HAVE IT.
As I have said in other recent posts, since I got my iphone, I pretty much STINK at taking my camera anywhere. The last 8 months are the least photographed months of my families life!

So I decided today would be a good day to start and I am so encouraged! As we played outside I got some quick fun shots, not even forcing them, just honest shots! So hopefully this will give me the encouragement I need to remember! I just love photography that is honest, real to life and unedited. So this time I packed my 50mm and let it do its magic. I had little to no editing to do!

Here are some I got at one of the parks we went to today::

The boys are at a fun age. Both are old enough to play alone but are finally able to play together!

Here are some of Titus (6) loving being outside in the fall!

Here is Justus (2) he is mr. crazy.

Titus is sooo into camping/hiking/survival gear. Today he got a monocular and he was trying it out at the park.

It was a fun evening that ended like most all fun evenings these days:: Justus saw that we were leaving and tried to let me know it was not time to leave yet.

I won. We left.

So dont be shy, pack your camera tomorrow and see what you get!! You will not regret it!

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