Friday, June 05, 2009

A Little Update

Vernon is doing well. He is still have a great deal of pain. He has undergone a series of test and has been medically cleared to fly. He just will have a good deal of pain if he chooses to do so. He had a CT Scan today. We will get the results on Monday and if he is clear of anything major he will fly out with two other His Voice for Sudan board members Tuesday. He has been placed (temporarily) on some pain meds that allow him to function normally. The doctor said it seems to be non-life threatening and a waiting game as we send blood test off. With this he cleared Vernon (in as much as doctors are able) to go if he felt his pain was tolerable. So we are still evaluating this.

The team has made it in country and are doing great! They will be spending time at the orphanages the next couple days. The team will actually be leaving the day Vernon arrives, if he decides to go. His Voice for Sudan and EPC will be having a series of crucial meetings discussing the vision for the next few years...soo great!...this is why Vernon would like to be there if possible.

Thanks so much for praying!

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Amanda said...

Amber, I'm asking God to give you guys tons of wisdom.