Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank You Jason and Vote Lori

I have been on a search for several years now for a great and affordable aluminum-free deodorant. Four years ago, Vernon and I started looking at not only what we put into our body that is unnatural, but also what we put ON our body that is potentially hazardous to our health and the environment. For the sake of out budget and living within our means, we had to research what was worth the switch and why. We found that finding aluminum-free deodorant was of great importance for many reasons such as: its very high link to breast-cancer, the fact that the armpit is on of the bodies most effective ways of ridding itself of toxins and aluminum blocks its ability to do so and aluminum is allowed into the blood stream and can raise levels of estrogen and potentially attribute to Alzheimer's. What we found Ironic was that it was not hard to find male aluminum-free deodorant that was cost efficient and work well but EXTREMELY hard to find female AF deodorant. WHAT? That seemed odd to me. I found over the years, that if you didnt want to spend $20 on deodorant than it wasnt going to work very well. So after much searching and lots of asking around, I would like to thank J/A/S/O/N for his Tee-Tree Deodorant Stick. It is between $4 and $5 which is more than most spend on d.o. but it works and its not $20! Thank you Jason.

A good friend of my Lori aka The Bargain Shopper Lady has entered herself in a contest to win Groceries for a year! ($6,000 to Walmart!). And y'all, if anyone deserves it , she does! She has helped so many people find bargains and enjoy saving their family money! She made a video and submitted it to Walmart. Now we have to watch the video and vote for her so she can win. This is not a waste of time, YOU WILL learn something from her video...its great!
I stole these directions from Amanda so here you go: VOTE!

To vote go here. Search for Bargain Shopper Lady. Click on the video. Give her video a Thumbs Up. If the Thumb turns green, then you voted! ( Please vote only once per person as stated in the rules. Thank you!


Phyllis said...

Thanks for the tip. Just yesterday, one of my friends told me she was researching tea tree oil and learned that, in Europe, there are studies suggesting that the hormone properties of tea tree oil have caused some issues. For example, it has caused some men to have larger breasts. She said she's heard that oil of oregano is better as an antiseptic because it doesn't have the same problems. Hmmm... I haven't done the research myself but just wanted to mention it to see if you've heard anything like this.

D and D said...

yeah!! I use that too...we can be deodorant buddies! It's amazing what things get you excited....btw, the jason's brand is the ONLY brand that I have found to work well.

aim said...

I'm with you and D...Jason's is awesome! Looks like their's a club!! Anyone else care to join?

Anonymous said...

I am so excited! My Crystal Rock deodorant just quit working on me and I don't wear regular either. I am getting some Jason's asap!
Thanks for asking your readers to vote for me!

Anonymous said...

Our CVS carries Tom's non-alum deoderant for 5.48 a stick. I love the lavendar one.