Sunday, July 06, 2008

Independence Day Fun

We went to the lake with the Barker' was SO fun! Titus got brave this year and rode the tube! Let it be known that I did tube but tubing and breastfeeding do not pair well together.haha! oh well it was worth the fun! I also tried to knee board but since I have little to know core or ab muscles I did not fare so well! I did learn however, that six weeks after a baby is not the time to gain confidence in your knee boarding skills...justfyi.

Here are some pics...
Titus' first time out on the Tube. He was so brave!

The gang minus me. (Kasey, Dillan and Dustin on Left, Drew and Vernon on Right)

Justus' first boat ride. He slept the entire time!


Julie Robles said...

Sounds painful but fun. And apparently restful for newborns. Glad you had a happy 4th.

Phyllis said...

Oh, that looks so fun!!!!!! You forgot to mention my brother's resulting pain! :) It would be the buff guy who gets injured tubing (as opposed to the spindly 4-year-old), wouldn't it?

We miss you guys! Oh, and I have a few photos of Meg, so I'll send them as soon as I get them up on Snapfish.

Molly Kate said...

Hi Amber! I hope you had a great time at the Lake! I work with Terri and she was telling me that it was great to see you guys...I'm totally jealous! I hope you have an amazing week!
p.s.- i'm having a fun little giveaway on my blog :) If you would like to enter, just comment with your email addy, drawing on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Amber, I completely agree with breastfeeding and tubing being a bad combo...I just realized first hand that bumpy roller coasters are out as well...unless you don't mind riding holding on and I don't mean to the bar. Haha!


D & D said...

I like how Vern can't get those bottom two buckles done on that life jacket.