Saturday, April 05, 2008

Four Reasons Why I've Not Blogged Since Easter

Let me first say, the Birth Control Series is NOT over in fact it is going strong, I just haven't had a chance to link my sister-in-laws latest blogs. I think they are the most informative yet and well worth your time to read over. She is going through each method of Birth Control and exploring pros and cons of each. So far she has covered, Natural Family Planning, Barrier Methods, Withdrawal, and IUD's. Please stop in and read....HERE is the link.

Okay now back to my excuses...

1.) With this second pregnancy, I often find myself forgetting that I am even pregnant. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous but I have just been so active and so busy, that I find myself going, "oh, wait, I cant do that, I am pregnant." Well last Monday, I went about my normal Monday, exercising, working on church and His Voice work while Titus is in school and normal every week house stuff like cleaning and mowing the lawn. That evening I found my self exhausted from the day. I was chatting with Vernon in his office and said something like, "man I am so tired," as I BELLY FLOPPED out of exhaustion onto a low twin bed. In mid fall, i realized what I had done and couldn't stop my fall. I immediately curled up into fetal position in pain and kept saying, "i cant believe i just did that!" Through the night I noticed little to no fetal movement, so naturally I was concerned. After waiting until the next afternoon with still no felt movement, I called my doc. He sent me straight to the Hospital. At the hospital, they monitored me for two hours and all was well. Then I started having contractions! (i am only 32 weeks along) They were 4 mins apart and not stopping, so they made me stay. After drinking, eating and moving positions, the contractions didn't stop so they gave me a shot to stop them. It worked great and so an hour later we were on our way home. At 1:30am the contractions came back. They lasted until 4am and I got them to stop. The next morning I called my friend Janelle for some advice and moral support. She advised me to call and tell my doctor that I had more contractions and so I did. He had me come back in and be checked. He released me to full activity...just no belly flopping! amen!

2.) This coming weekend we have a Board Meeting for our Non-Profit Ministry, His Voice for Sudan. I am the Treasurer and Secretary. So needless to say, I have a lot to prepare. Since we just started this Non-profit, I have had to read a lot of IRS info and learn a lot about things I knew NOTHING about. On the accounting side of things, I was determined to buy and learn Quick Books Pro before our meeting. I worked on it and watched tutorials for hours and each one made me feel more and more like a a moron. The lingo of QBpro is what threw me off. It is set up for businesses so everything is Invoice driven and our tiny little Non-profit has no, and never intends to have, customers and vendors! So I broke down and bought Quicken. To which I downloaded and fully finished EVERYTHING I needed done for the meeting in ONE of Titus' naps. It is so awesome...and I now feel a lot less incompetent.

3.) Titus has been extra needy and quite honestly, I have wanted to spend more time with him. I want to spend as much time as I can with him before the baby comes. Titus is a one-on-one kid. I mean, through and through. If you come and visit, he will ask you to come to his room and play...just one else. He loves quality time. (and if you are laughing right now that God gave me, of all people, a one-on-one kid and a quality time kid then I know you know me well..these are not my strong suites!) Anyway, so I have been trying to be intentional to play with him and go out with him to places we love.

4.) I have been trying to read up on basic baby info, like breastfeeding and growth. I feel soooo far removed from these things. Also, we don't do the normal vaccination regimen so I am reading a book about Vaccines to brush up on what to ask for from my pediatrician.

well there you have it. my excuses. now, may my mind return to me so i can post more often!
Next up:
BC Series: The What If's and the long awaited... Deep Thoughts by Titus Burger


Amanda said...

Amber, that is so crazy about your belly flop and having to go to the hospital! What a story to tell Justus Nugget Burger one day. I'm VERY relieved to know that everything was okay. Scary, girlfriend!

Phyllis said...

Ha! I was just thinking that people could read your last sentence and think that Titus has deep thoughts about birth control! :) I'm very excited to see if you post the sky, heaven, and hands story!

Matt and Amy said...

Hi Amber,

You don't know me (this is Amy), but I found your blog through blog-hopping, and just recently started to follow it because of your BC series and because you do some photography! I'm getting into family and children's photography myself...

Anyway, my husband and I do NFP, and are happy with it. It's so great to hear of other couples that are trusting God in that way!

I wanted to comment because of your comment on doing a different vaccination regimen, which we are also doing with my daughter. We are spacing and delaying them and not getting all the recommended ones (focusing more on the required ones). I was wondering if you are open to doing a series on that someday? :) Totally fine if not. Or if you would be willing to email me? I don't know too many other moms who don't do the normal vaccination schedule, so it's always nice to talk with one who does. My email is But if you don't feel comfortable emailing a person you don't know, that's fine too!

Thanks for the BC discussion and all the time that goes into it!

Mimi said...

Wow the belly flop situations is SCARY! Glad to hear things are ok!

And PS I just spoke to a friend about her BC and her body is going NUTSO! She doesn't sleep at night and everyone asks if she's menopausal! I mean - not good!

Kay Altic said...

Hey girl...we did vaccines the normal nutrionist was against all of them but we felt the Lord leading us to give them to Jayk because we are going to be an international family just like you excited for you guys as little Justus comes into the world! Love ya'll