Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deep Thoughts By Titus Burger

If you have gotten to know our sweet son Titus, you know that he is SO FUN! He loves to play, inside or outside; if there is playing to had, he is there. One of my favorite parts about Titus' personality is, although he loves to play, he is ALWAYS thinking. His little mind NEVER turns off. We have shared many stories about his thoughts and questions with a lot of you here and there, but I thought I would post a few so I would have them somewhere so I will never forget them. If we have told you some that are not on this list....please comment them!

  • The other night we were leaving Target. Titus points up to the sky and says, "Mommy, that is outer space and do you know what is past that?" Curious, I said, " What is past it?" "Heaven." he said. "oh, cool." I replied. (a thoughtful pause by Titus) "Mommy, does God really reach His hand down from Heaven and pull us into His lap?" Caught off guard, I said, "That's a great question." Because, think of how scary of an idea that is for a three year old that some hand would come out of the sky, yet I want him to know that God will draw him near. So we chatted about it all the way home.
  • Titus was in his room playing when he came running to me. "Mommy, were the Ninevites, Roman or Assyrian?" "Son, I am unsure," I said, "Lets go try to figure it out" So we looked up some things and figured out they are in fact Assyrian. Who knew?
  • Vernon had a big cut on the lower part of his hand almost his wrist. Titus was very concerned about his "bleed" and wanted to help "bandage" it. Later in the evening Vernon was hanging out talking with a friend and Titus ran in the room, "Daddy, let me see your bleed." So Vernon showed him the cut. "Daddy, its like when the Romans crucified Jesus on the Cross." So Vernon kindly explained the similarity and the BIG difference. (long thoughtful pause by Titus) "Daddy, why did they crucify Jesus naked?" So Vernon took some time to explain embarrassment. To which Titus replied, "hmm, I did not know that." And he ran away to play.
  • Robin was reading to Titus one day when out of no where he said, "Robin, I am not sure God hears me when I pray." So she kindly inquired why he thought this and he replied, "Well, I can't see Him and He doesn't talk back."
  • Titus was about to throw a ball right at Vernon and so he said, "Daddy, do not get frustrated. I am going to throw this at you."
  • Titus is full of random facts, if you read him a book about something, he will remember the most obscure things. One example is, "Mommy, did you know that Kelp is a type of Seaweed?"
  • One day Titus was taking a bath and Vernon noticed he was playing with his Jonah action figure, saying something and then holding him under the Vernon peeked in and said, "Hey man what are you doing?" Titus replied, "oh just baptizing Jonah."
I know there are many more but that is all for now! Hope you got to know the mind of our little guy. Pray for us as we continue to try to challenge his little mind and encourage his questions!


thehirschgang said...

Isn't it exciting to get to hear all this, and be asked all these fun questions? I do think we learn so much from our kids! I remember freaking out inside when Bekah asked me some spiritual questions, and I was like, how in the world do I answer that and her understand?And God reminded me to just answer her Truth from His word. Sure enough, that's all she needed- that faith is incredible! Last night, we were stopped to get gas, and Bekah asked- Mommy, how did God make the sky? I love this! I'm so glad our kids get to ask us these things, and we're blessed to be able to answer them and instruct them in the Lord!
He sounds like he's your little theologian in the making, huh?! :)

Janelle & Ella said...

These are GREAT stories!!! So precious!!

Amanda said...

I love how your son refers to his dad as Vernon when he is talking to other people about daddy! That made me laugh so much!

MC & BC said...

Okay....Brent and I have a few more you need to post.
Batman (lady) at the pumpkin patch
when Vernon disiplined Titus and Titus was shouting "show me mercy, dad, show me mercy"
Also road rage. Add the whole story to you list...

sarah said...

i like that kid.

Phyllis said...

I second the road rage request!!!

Krystal said...

Titus is such a little Vernon! I love that he is questioning you guys for the pure knowledge of knowing Jesus! He is blessed to have such God fearing parents! You guys are doing an amazing job of raising a man who will love Jesus, love his wife, love his family and love his people all over the world!

Jake said...

these are awesome! Im trying to think of funny ones from when we were over there. My brain is fried from school right now. Ill think and get back to ya!

love you guys!

Daria said...

What a wise boy! I am so glad to have you guys in my life.

Becky Kiser said...

too cute! you are such a good mom!!