Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Information Overload

Three of the last four weekends have been spent at "retreats." First a personal/family retreat to the DG conference. Second, my church's Women's retreat and Third, Stonegate Fellowship Girls Retreat. Granted the last two I was part of the leadership by worship through music, but all the same a lot of great Truths were received by my heart.
It is funny when Truths you learned as a youth keep rearing their head as an adult. It is like the enemy uses the same old tricks just disguised as something different. The Truth that seems to be overwhelmingly repetitive through out the last 4 weeks is. "what goes in is what comes out" or also said, "Garbage in, Garbage out, Truth in Truth out." It seems this is a life lesson that can never be taught enough in our day and age, where information about any and everything is a click away. It also seems that this lesson, in certain Christian circles, has become, "old school," as if to say it doesn't apply. For example, if a certain speaker got up and spoke about music or whatever it is that is filling your mind, and suggested that you pay attention to what is going in to your mind and getting rid of what doesn't glorify God, these certain said Christian circles would blow them off as teaching WWJD or something of the like. When all the while, we all, especially me, need to be reminded to observe what we are taking in so that we can take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ.
Along with attending these conferences I have 'happened' upon two great articles on Un-pluging and Fasting from Information. I highly suggest you read them and pass them on to others. (they are both real short so dont worry)



As I was at the DG conference I loved the fact that I had NO Internet and i used my phone to communicate only with the ones we were at the conferences with (besides the phone call to Vonda to let her enjoy some of the conference). Then at the ladies retreat, my phone had no battery and i had no Internet. I got to enjoy a great jog through the trail around the lake and take in much missed silence. And again at the SGF retreat, my phone had little to know service and no Internet....great rest and focus. And through it all i was actually able to put my finger on areas in my life that were being affected negatively by subconscious thought from cultural noise. AMEN.
Enjoy the articles. And Enjoy GOD.


Vonda said...

I love it.

hello sunshine! said...

I love this too - I'll admit, if my Internet goes out or my computer's in the shop, I get super agitated - when I could be using that time to (gasp!) read a book! Read my Bible! Write a letter (the old-school way!) Those articles are great, and definitely thought-provoking!

Brittany Strebeck said...

i sure do miss you amber!
maybe someday we'll get to hug eachother's necks. i love it when old ladies say that.