Friday, October 05, 2007


yes folks, today is SBU Homecoming, and not just any Homecoming, but my five year reunion Homecoming. Am I going? you ask, that would be a big NO. But of all the 2002 graduates I would guess that my desire to go is in the top 10%. I loved everyday of my SBU career. It was a place of spiritual growth, physical growth (haha) and of course Academic growth for me. I honestly cant think of any other place, except maybe Houston, where God molded me in every way. Not to mention all the friends and all the pranks! good times!
Now all you who are SBU Alumni in the DFW area, I expect to see you at the upcoming DFW SBU Alumni Picnic Saturday November 3 from 10-2! Andrea and Sarah I am talking to you!

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Andrea Bowman said...

oh dang..i missed it