Sunday, March 11, 2012

W is for Weather, Whale, Watermelon and Walrus

We let W last for three weeks! I did not originally plan for it to be more than one week...but week one::
the boys got sick on Wednesday and it lasted through the weekend.

Week two::
We took a spontaneous trip to meet up with Vernon in Missouri to break up his 17 days away.

So week three we re-did W week! It was great. I am so glad we did.

For our W Bible Verse we did Psalm 56:3 "When I am afraid, I will trust in you." This was such a great verse for the 3 weeks. Vernon was out of town for a long trip to Missouri (he preached in 10 different cities in 15 days). We learned our verse and said it most nights when the boys tend to get scared. We read the verse in context and talked about how the Psalmist life was actually in danger when he wrote this. We talked about how being "Afraid" as an emotion is okay and a God given response to tell your body it is in danger. BUT it becomes sinful when we walk in our fear and/or lean on ourselves for courage.

Our "God is Faithful" board said, "God is Faithful, You can be Comforted." We talked about how God's continued faithfulness can comfort us as we are afraid. How knowing He will provide your needs and hear your prayer can comfort us when we are afraid. Very fitting for the boys and their ages.

Titus got a Weather Kit for W week. This was a fun way to integrate learning for both Justus and Titus (7 & 3 years old). They loved it and we even took it to Missouri with hopes to measure the weather with their cousins (which I don't think ever happened but it was a good idea though). The kit came with all kinds of information that was great for Titus. He showed Justus all the things he learned and how to use the tools.

For pre-school we did all kinds of things. For our letter project we did a Whale and a Walrus::

I got the Walrus idea from Totally Tots.

We did some writing in our workbook::
Thank you Target dollar bin for all the great workbooks!

For Pre-School math I made a watermelon counting game. I just took construction paper and made a pink circle and a green circle and glued them together. Then I cut out a bunch of black 'seeds' and glued them on in order. Then labeled the back with then corresponding number of seeds::
Then Justus was count the seeds and turn the piece over. Then we worked toward putting them in order.

In the boys Science class we are on the chapter on Birds. We talked about Wings and tied that into W. :) This week at co-op Science class we built bird houses. I didn't get any action shots but here is one of Justus with his while he waited for the last step.

The first week of W we went to the zoo for a W field trip (before the boys got sick). We said we were enjoying the "Wonderful Weather." Sometimes you have to stretch it :) We enjoyed the weather by celebrating the zoo opening the Train for Spring!

There are still a few things I have not mentioned on the blog that we use often and that I recommend. One is "My Giant Sticker Activity Book." This book has over 600 stickers. How it works is that it is by section. (Letters/Shapes/Colors/Patterns)

Between every so many pages are sticker pages that correspond with the Workbook pages. The stickers are all mixed up with the other workbook page's pictures. The child looks at the Workbook page then tries to find the correct sticker from the sticker pages. Then (I help pull sticker off the sticker page) the child places the sticker on the page. Here is an example of a page finished and a page not yet started.

Also I made these very quickly one day. I can use them for many things from matching to patterns. I just took a piece of black construction paper and cut out shapes. Then glued them on red card stock. SIMPLE and CHEAP! :) Justus loves them!

I hope School is going so well for yall! I would love to hear! We only have a month left for Pre-School and just a little longer than that for Titus' 2nd grade curriculum!!

Enjoy your littles and Happy Schooling!

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