Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Random Pics of The Summer Part I : Grandma Downey's Party

So I haven't loaded my pics from my sony cyershot but here are some fun ones from my Canon.

My Grandma throws the best parties. They are always themed and always centered around the kids having fun. This summer's party had a Cowboy theme complete with sack races, stick horse races and cowgirl/cowboy photo opp. (oh and of course a pinata)

Random Pics of The Summer Part II: Friends and Fun!

we got to spend 15 days in St. Louis and really I came away with hardly any pictures. In fact, I haven't taken many pictures at all this summer. I was enjoying myself and forgot I guess. Here are few that I did snag.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Slowly but surely I'm learning there were LOTS of cars, LOTS of people, & LOTS of kids!:) My neighbor who mows the lawn was concerned someone was trying to break into my garage (there was a pane of glass leaning against the garage). I was confident that no one was, due to a couple of phone calls I received in MI., I was pretty sure what happened. I "hear" some "pretty big" guy who lives north of St. Louis is responsible. I have chuckled many times over this. It would've been great to be a mouse & see what really went on:) I'm so grateful/happy you all had fun!
Wouldn't hesitate to turn the house over again. Let me know when, so I can evacuate:)
The house WAS still standing AND in good shape when I got home!
One regret I have was that I didn't get back soon enough to see the "Reardons". Maybe next time.
It is so wonderful to "see" the relationships you have built & that you treasure them.
The evening I came to FBC it was fun to be with your friends--what a blessing they are to me.
LOVE you ALL!!!

Miss you! Titus-no one has tried to break into my house since you left!! :) :) Justus-I miss cuddling with you!!