Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Super Bowl or Super Target

If you would have told me ten years ago, or maybe even five years ago, that I would miss the Super Bowl to get groceries at Super Target, i would have laughed in your face. But this was exactly what I did tonight. I know, its sad. Yesterday, our home was hit with some bug that put us all under the weather. Vernon and Titus much more so than myself. So needless to say, I didn't go shopping yesterday, in hopes that we would be better by morning and get to go to church. Well, we all got worse through the night. So at about noon today I realized I MUST make it to the store before nightfall, we needed some Tylenol, some Vitiman C packed drinks and food that Vernon can cook on his own this week because Titus and I are traveling to Louisville. Vernon was not well enough to keep Titus, so I had to wait until Titus's nap was over to go....which Super Bowl. I must admit, on one hand, i was glad, i mean, one would think that Target would be empty during the Super Bowl and when you are sick you really enjoy just getting what you need and not having to deal with the crowds. (not to mention i could really care less about the Giants or the Patriots so if i am going to miss a super bowl this is a good one to miss) On the other hand, ITS THE SUPER BOWL.
oddly enough, tonight at Target, i saw more people i know than i EVER have in one trip. I guess seminary folks don't care much for major sporting events...sad.

so all this to say, thus is the life of a Mom and bring on March Madness!

****edit**** i got to watch the fourth quarter and it was so fun to watch the Giants win...that is quite an accomplishment considering how much of an underdog they have been all year!


Amanda said...

I should have called you yesterday because Robin told me y'all were all sick! I could have run to the store and gotten all that stuff for you. I hope you get to feeling better quick!

thehirschgang said...

Hi Amber!
I found you while looking at some other blogs. It looks like God is doing so much in your life- how exciting! I just started our blog...we do live in the "sticks" of MO. I'm so excited about your ministry...we'd love more info on it, though we're checking out the website. Love to hear more!

courtney said...

Hope you're feeling better, and in the mean time, I've just tagged you for a meme on my blog!

Sarah said...

Hey, you can just link to my blog!
I miss you and I love you and your fam!!

Lori, Landon and Logan said...

Well Super Target is such a cool place though! Oh yeah, you can get those Target coupons on here, . I should have them on my site again soon!
Hope you guys are all better! Loved the worship this morning! Seriously you and Jared can bring it on for Sunday mornings!