Monday, September 10, 2007

its been one week...

not really, but that song has been in my head since i heard it on the radio on the way to Andrea Bowmans birthday party. Its funny that i remember sooo many of the words! I remember trying so hard to memorize that song because it was so hard to learn, and i guess all that was good for, in the scheme of life, is that one day i will giggle and bust into song when it makes it on one of those ridiculous, "you know you went to high school in the late nineties if..." surveys.

It has been quite a while since i blogged, so to all of you who each day get up anticipating an update, i am sorry. Please dont give up on me. hehe! Adjusting to the new school year has been a lot harder than i remember it being the last two semesters. I guess it is because i have a lot more commitments this year, ALOT more friends in the metroplex and i LOVE the college students from our church and they are back from the summer. (not to mention i have taken on some side jobs like making journals and paintings for people and doing Pre-school with Titus at home)

So I will dedicate the rest of this post to our sweet son Titus. (i added a new pic to our blog)
*He is Three and let me tell you there is a BIG difference from Two to Three just take a look at our family photo to your right and then his three year old picture, that is only one year difference. It is like he went from a little Toddler to a Pre-Ker.
*He loves to be read to, and when i say LOVES to i mean, HOURS worth. If the story is good he could listen for ever!
*He also enjoys pretending to be David (he makes me be Goliath and i have to fall dead when he sling-shots me), superman (by putting a blanket around his neck and running around) and of course, Bob the Builder. If you need anything fixed, Titus is your man, but you must refer to him as Bob.
*He loves to play on the computer. He now has mastered the ability to open the laptop, open the Internet, navigate himself to and play whatever game he likes. crazy huh!
*He is a little barista, he can now officially make a perfect shot of espresso, start to finish. Scoop the beans, tamp them just right, put the pod on the machine, press the shot button, watch for the creme to hit the 2oz line and press stop. amazing. He can also count out four scoops of whole bean coffee, put them in the grinder and grind the coffee for the coffee maker. We enjoy this together every morning as we make daddy his drink and take it to him in his office.
*He has mastered most of his letters and their sounds, all his shapes and colors, sorting, picking out what doesnt belong in a group and connecting the same items in different columns with lines.
*He is mostly potty-trained (he still wheres a pullup or diaper at night and nap mostly because i dont want to clean up the mess)
*He says funny phrases like "just chillin" when asked what he is doing. He refers to his pants as his drawers. and when he exits a room he has been known to nod his head and say "peace."

There is so much more, but i will spare you. Thanks for reading! hopefully i cant capture some of these things on camera and post them soon!


Andrea Bowman said...

only your kid would know how to make coffee

Janelle & Ella said...

I thought of you right away when getting my camera! Please give me a tutorial. You are AMAZING. I would be learning from one of the best. Seriously, I really need your help with this.

Phyllis said...

Oh, what fun!!! I was just able to catch up on reading your blog. We totally missed you guys in Grand Haven! We have to get these hilarious boys together again soon.... who knows when that will happen, but it sounds GREAT!

I love the Titus stories. What a great kid! It's going to be SO MUCH FUN to have him here next summer for a bit!

Well, gotta' get some zzzz's. Give Titus a big squeeze for me! And ask him to give you one for me too! :)

Doc Bombay said...
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Doc Bombay said...

That kid is 'cold as ICE!!

You know in some movies, there's a montage of activities that happens within the short time of, like, 3 minutes where they show you a lot of what the main character does in a given day, so you can have some idea of who you're dealing with?! That's what I just saw in my head:

Titus wakes up, heads downstairs on his own, brews up coffee for himself and everyone else on the block. 'Sucks back a cup while he's checking his email. Takes a break and OWNS every game Elmo has to throw at him. Gives a fist-pump to the computer, and heads up to Vernon's office to study. He breaks off his letters and colors like yesterdays news. 'Throws various shaped blocks through their corresponding holes from across the room and hollers upstairs that there's a hammer on the bathroom sink, and it definitely doesn't belong with the toothpaste and soap. 'He figures that since he's done some work, that maybe it's time for Mommy to come in the living room and prepare to be sling-handled by Super David. After he's had enough of all that, he pounds another cup of wake-up, gets under the sink with his hard hat, and replaces the garbage disposal. 'You come in, astounded, and ask him what he's doing. "Just chillin'. How 'bout you th'ow some'a'dem puffy drawers on me so can I hit the sheets for a while." You do. He tells you he loves you and asks if you would continue the story from last night until he knocks off. You read him a couple chapters from his favorite book, THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA, by Hemingway...
The movie goes on, but it definitely ends with a head nod, and a "Peace."

There. That's how I see it. That kid's born for greatness. And don't even think about arguing that with me.
I guess that's how it goes when you watch movies for a living. ;)