Thursday, April 26, 2007

mommies please read

yall this article is awesome i love it! Please read and dream with me about all that God will do with our Children. I love to think about the friendships they have now someday taking them together all over the world. I often think about Titus with his Cousin Ladan leading the ministry in Sudan when we are too old to continue. This may never happen but it is fun to dream of what God has in store! I think about Titus's friends and dream about where God will take them. I love looking into the eyes of the little ones at our church and in my heart beg God to take them to the nations. May the Lords name be made known here in America and all over the Globe!

Home Grown World Christians by Noel Piper

Have a great Day!

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justin said...

Amber I don't leave until the 1st of June, so we need to plan to meet up while you are in town. You all are awesome!

Boundbrook Lane said...

thanks for the awesome aricle, Amber!! and the recipes, too!